Climb aboard 2000AD with Prog 1950

burnhamBehind a smashing cover from the brilliant Chris Burnham (artist behind the mind-bending Nameless and some of Batman and Robin and Batman Incorporated’s best stories – honestly, you can really FEEL this guy’s art) are four new stories providing a jumping on point for new and lapsed readers to the mag. I jumped on board a similar issue following the release of the Dredd movie, and ended up subscribing I was so impressed – I haven’t been disappointed since. The past few issues especially, featuring the Enceladus: New Life story arc, are up there with Trifecta as the best of recent years.

Judge Dredd heads up things with Serial Serial, featuring the return of murderous ex-Mega City mayor PJ Maybe. The phenomenal Brass Sun is back with new chapter, Motor Head. Defoe: The London Hanged sees the undead staggering around 1671 London, five years after a comet caused the Great Fire. Finally, for the first time in over a decade Bad Company spews over the pages of  this industrious organ.

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