Marvel’s classic hip hop tribute covers

The next logical step in Marvel’s love affair with hip hop is coming up with their relaunch of 50 titles at #1 – each will have a variant, hip hop classic album tribute cover. To clarify what some sites such as Okayplayer have been reporting: these aren’t reissues of classic issues, but first issues of new series following Marvel’s current, universe-altering Secret Wars event.

Back in February Marvel EIC Axel Alonso reflected on the current state of the tentative union between the two with XXL Mag, commenting on the potential for so much more in the current climate. This makes total sense given comics’ heightened profiles owing to their movie counterparts, and for me, much like Doctor Who becoming cooler again since 2005, is a chance for the geeks to stand up proud. Hell, the other day I saw a guy reading a comic in the doorway of a Manchester shop, and no-one batted an eye lid.

Axel also talked to Billboard about hip hop here. While Marvel have obviously been influenced by hip hop recently, this out and out link is great to see.

The leaked Deadpool trailer was infused with hip hop, so that’s another link to look forward to.

Here are the previews of covers released so far.












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