Inspired by the inter-related shenanigans in recent 2000AD progs (plus this post¬†about them by DJ Food), I’ve decided to launch ISSUES as a mini-site within Groovement itself rather than a separate blog, as I kicked off here. Don’t worry, normal Groovement service won’t be affected!

ISSUES initially was myself (Agent J), Jonny Dub (Hoya Hoya), Danny Drive Thru (Fat City/Mind On Fire) and DJ A-UP (Nougold) chatting shit about comics and playing tunes both related and non. Counter-culture shit which is actually completely mainstream – Dredd being number one at the UK box office a couple of months back and all.

Anyway, let me know what you think when it gets up and running – I’ll tag anything related that way as ISSUES and create a little section for it, so those of a non-geek persuasion can ignore it completely.

Excelsior! etc

Listen to the Issues podcast on iTunes

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