Comics x Film: JACK KIRBY's contributions to Argo

TMNT Collected, Vol 1 1990

The last thing I expected to come across when sitting down to watch Argo last night was some Jack Kirby art. Granted, the art used in the film isn’t the original concept art you see below, but clocking Kirby’s name in the credits led me to a quick Google

My route to Kirby was possibly an unusual one. I remember coming across his name many a time as a young comic reader, but it wasn’t until I came across Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird’s Donatello Micro Series #1 of 1 (reprinted in the TMNT collected edition of 1990), incorporating a dimension full of Kirby-style creatures, that I went back looking for his stuff. Below is his concept art that was used as part of the prep for the never-to-be-made, CIA-backed movie Argo.

Donatello Micro Series 1, 1986

All images below taken from and

If you want to find out more about the real life situation versus what happened in the film, head here.

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