Preview: GHOSTFACE KILLAH // Twelve Reasons To Die Vinyl x Comic x Cassette

Comic Book

Pricey it might be, but this little morsel just caught my eye over at Bandcamp. I say morsel, I mean vinyl x cassette x comic x shirt set, of course.

“This collection includes both the Vocal and Instrumental albums on Vinyl LP, the Deluxe 2CD set, the Cassette (an alternate version of the album produced by Apollo Brown), Issue #1 of the Twelve Reasons To Die Comic, Album Poster and Ghostface Killah T-Shirt! Limited to 500 sets Worldwide…”

Buy this mother on Bandcamp

There’re some RZA vinyl and CD treats over at the Soul Temple Bandcamp too, get on it here.

Remember when Groovement caught up with Ghostface? That was fun.

Vinyl cover

Cassette - alt version prod. Apollo Brown

Instrumental LP

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